About me - Michelle Scamahorn

About me

This is me.

I’m 5’ 2” but I act 5' 3.5"

I used to teach SCUBA, then for a while I killed fish. Now I take fish pictures. It’s better that way. I look harmless in this photo but I’m not. I am the most badass person you know. I can kill a grown man with a Barbie Doll. (Thanks to being trained since birth in hand to hand combat by two older brothers)

I can also backup a full size truck pulling a 30' trailer and boat through an underground parking garage without hitting a single thing.


This is Kauai Hawaii, the place I have called home since fleeing the arctic winters and frozen lakes of Wisconsin in 1991. I enjoy exploring the waters of Hawaii and around the world with my husband Jim and a chosen few dive buddies. These are a some of the photos from my adventures. I hope you enjoy them… and buy some.